As a generalist, I have the wonderful opportunity to teach an array of courses, from first-year composition to Rhetorical Theory. In the hyperlinks below, I have provided sample syllabi, calendars, and assignments. 

University of Wisconsin-Stout, 2013-2017
Writing Workshop (Basic Writing)
Syllabus and Calendar
Profile of Humans of UW-Stout Facebook Page

Composition 1
Syllabus and Calendar
Digital Literacy Map Assignment and Sample Literacy Maps

Professional and Technical Communication (300-level)
Syllabus and Calendar
Recommendation Report 

Rhetoric and Style: Strategies in Argumentation (300-level)
Syllabus and Calendar
Freakonomics Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Theory (graduate)
Syllabus and Calendar
Final Project

University of New Mexico, 2008-2013
Graduate Instructor of Record  

Composition II: Analysis and Argument  

The Study of Literature for Non-Majors (100-level)

Technical and Professional Writing (200-level)
Instruction Manual

Expository Writing (200-level)

Composition Practicum (graduate; co-taught with Director of Core Writing)
TA Orientation Schedule